Oh Lou Lou! is a freshly made brand by a start-up company based in Brussels, Belgium.


We believe our approach to creating skincare from raw, unrefined, purest ingredients straight from nature is simple, yet revolutionary, since similar products are virtually non-existent, or at least hard to find. 


We believe this approach slowly starts a revolution and takes down the traditional cosmetics on their knees forcing them to go all-natural and toxin-free way.


Our Values


In Oh Lou Lou! we believe that we can help bringing people closer to the nature, their natural habitat, to heal, to become healthier mentally and physically so they can take on the challenge to make this world a better place and last longer.   


Oh Lou Lou!  is about showing people that they can live longer and fuller by using nature’s resources and saying NO to Big Pharma, food industry giants and cosmetic corporations that lead the pack when it comes to creating toxic foods and cosmetics we are simply not designed to consume.  


Oh Lou Lou! is about freeing people from artificial concepts and beauty “enhancers”. What’s beauty anyway? A projection or a concept that is constantly changing? Today’s projection of beauty is highly and sickly influenced by mass media.


Driven by profit, money, pursuit of fame and glory, the media created an artificial necessity in people to adhere and copy the beauty standards as defined by television, beauty magazines and social networks.


As a result, the need for botox, concealers, fillers and other camouflaging tools suddenly has arisen. 





We are all born naturally beautiful. We are all meant to shine. We can age gracefully and stay beautiful forever by living in harmony with ourselves and nature. 


Beauty is simple. It is about feeling alive, loving, compassion, giving and caring and being unapologetically ourselves.


Oh Lou Lou! is about enabling the natural, inner beauty shine through. 



Oh Lou Lou! Store

Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés, 27 - 1000 Brussels


P: +32 26480973   +32 479940304 


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