Traditional cosmetic products contain dangerous toxins like heavy metals, phthalates and hundreds of others linked to cancer, hormonal disorders, fertility issues etc. 

Women absorb an estimated 2.5 kg of chemicals a year just from the beauty products they use. Most items we rub on the skin end up in our bloodstream, and are distributed throughout our body. 

The skin is actually our largest organ, and it is highly absorbent. A large portion of the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis comes through our skin, not just through the food. Putting chemicals on our skin is actually worse than eating them. When we eat something, the enzymes in our saliva and stomach help to break it down and flush it out of our body.

However, when we put these chemicals on our skin, they are absorbed straight into our bloodstream and going directly to our delicate organs. They tend to accumulate over time because we typically lack the necessary enzymes to break them down. 

The United Nations Environmental Program estimates that approximately 70,000 chemicals are in common use across the world, with 1,000 new chemicals being introduced every year! 


Unfortunately, even when the product is certified as organic (biological) it may still contain some controversial ingredients and preservatives.


 So the only logical solution we could come up with is to create products with purest natural and edible ingredients.  




  ✨Delicate and pure, handcrafted with nature's purest, unprocessed, RAW, organic, edible ingredients. 


✨Exclusively made in small batches and minimally processed in order to preserve the purity and healing properties of all ingredients.


✨Healing and nourishing for the skin, highly effective and specifically designed to repair and restore the skin to its optimal health and vitality.


✨Indulgent to the senses: subtle, heavenly scents, rich and delicate textures.    


✨ZERO chemicals. ZERO preservatives. ZERO stabilisers. ZERO fragrance. 


✨NO SLS. NO parabens. NO Animal testing.  


✨Not only our products are certified ORGANIC: we go far beyond organic certification requirements.    


✨Kind to animals and environment (vegan, eco-friendly, not tested on animals).    


OUR PROMISE: Pure, Highest Quality Ingredients 


NO compromise on quality - we carefully research and select all of our ingredients, exclusively for their highest healing and beautifying properties.

We choose only the finest, purest, highest quality, organic and RAW ingredients; the very best what Mother Nature has to offer.

We solely work with organic, unprocessed, raw butters, unrefined cold pressed vegetable oils and pure essential oils that are directly derived from plants.

Our ingredients are EDIBLE! 


ZERO chemicals. ZERO preservatives, ZERO stabilisers, ZERO fragrance. 


You don’t need to become an expert in deciphering the labels and understanding the health consequences of chemicals used in personal care products.

Our brand is extremely conscious about safety and you can use our products with a full confidence that only the safest and highest quality ingredients have been used. 

At Oh Lou Lou! we say “NO” to all harmful and controversial chemicals! We say “NO” to all ingredients we consider UNSOUND: phthalates, petrochemicals (such as mineral oil), aluminum compounds, triclosan, parabens and hundreds of other dangerous ingredients widely used in traditional cosmetics.

In short, we say “NO” to all harmful and controversial chemicals.





Our products are certified ORGANIC and carry ECOGARANTIE and SLOW COSMETIQUE labels.

Moreover, our ingredients are 100% organic or wild crafted! The only exceptions are Dead Sea salt (100% pure, natural and unrefined harvested from the Dead Sea in Jordan), Epsom salt (made from natural minerals in underground deposits), clays (100% natural, extracted from natural deposits in France) and Vitamin E (100% natural, extracted from Sunflower oil, soy-free and no-GMO guaranteed).

By definition, these ingredients cannot be organic; we have chosen to include them for their numerous beautifying, health and anti-oxidant properties!




Not only our products are all certified organic; we go far BEYOND organic certification requirements.

Our ingredients selection process is far more rigorous and demanding than any of those imposed by different organic certification bodies.

We say “NO” to SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), ALS (Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate), Sodium Coco Sulfate.

“NO” to Benzyl Alcohol, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Propylene Glycol and many more!  

For example, the use of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is allowed by many eco and organic certification bodies even though nearly 16,000 studies found that SLS (a surfactant widely used as foaming agent, detergent and emulsifier in thousands of cosmetic products and industrial cleaners) is linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, organ toxicity, skin irritation and endocrine disruption. 

Although simple, our approch is revolutionary, since similar products are virtually non-existent, or at least quite hard to find. 





Our products are made in small batches and minimally processed in order to preserve the purity and healing properties of all ingredients.

Each and every jar is handmade with love, filled with awesomeness and decorated with passion. 

Our “secret” ingredient is LOVE; we lovingly create these products with a great motivation to help people use the healing powers of nature and make this world a better place.




We are committed to making beauty products that are not only healthy for people but also for our planet.

We love and care about animals; our products are vegan and will never be tested on animals.

We work with suppliers that care about minimizing impact on the Earth and all our containers are recyclable.




In Oh Lou Lou! we believe that we can help bringing people closer to the nature, their natural habitat, to heal, to become healthier mentally and physically so they can take on the challenge to make this world a better place and last longer.    

Oh Lou Lou!  is about showing people that they can live longer and fuller by using nature’s resources and saying NO to Big Pharma, food industry giants and cosmetic corporations that lead the pack when it comes to creating unhealthy, processed foods and cosmetics we are simply not designed to consume.   

Oh Lou Lou! is about freeing people from artificial concepts and beauty “enhancers”. What’s beauty anyway? A projection or a concept that is constantly changing? Today’s projection of beauty is highly and sickly influenced by mass media.  

Driven by profit, money, pursuit of fame and glory, the media created an artificial necessity in people to adhere and copy the beauty standards as defined by television, beauty magazines and social networks. 

As a result, the need for concealers, artifical fillers and other camouflaging tools suddenly has arisen.   




We are all born naturally beautiful. We are all meant to shine. We can age gracefully and stay beautiful forever by living in harmony with ourselves and nature. 

Beauty is simple. It is about feeling alive, loving, compassion, giving and caring and being unapologetically ourselves.

Oh Lou Lou! is about enabling the natural, inner beauty shine through.  


We wish you a warm welcome to our little universe!