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Design Your Own Skincare Ritual 12th March

Design your own (SIMPLE) ritual tailored to your skin type and particular needs. Oh Lou Lou! approach: why we insist on “YOU SHOULD NOT PUT ON YOUR SKIN SOMETHING THAT YOU WOULD NOT EAT”? -Skincare BASICS. How to wash and clean your face day-by-day in an urban place like Brussels? The concept of “Oil Cleansing” explained. Tips to help regulate the sebum production and have the healthy, hydrated and glowing skin. -Premature skin-AGING, wrinkles, skin sensitivity and imperfections. Prevention and treatment. How to choose the right cream for your skin type? How about the serum? Hydrosol? Oil? Clay? How to “listen” to your skin needs? -Learn to read the INCI list. Even when the product carries the label “ORGANIC/BIO”, it may still contain many controversial ingredients. We invite you to bring any product you may want us to help you with understanding its composition. -Experience an entire facial treatment with Oh Lou Lou! products. Design your own night and morning skin ritual with our help.

Make-Up DIY 100% Organic, Natural & Vegan 16th April

Create a simple make-up kit 100% ORGANIC, NATURAL & VEGAN. We will show you how to make simple and healthy make-up that is 100% safe and that won’t mess with sensitive endocrine function and affect the hormonal balance. We will work with herbal powders, cold pressed butters and oils etc and create -Lip gloss -Eye shadow -Blush -Lightweight foundation -Bronzer All material is provided by us. You will take home all of your creations. This workshop is perfect for anyone who likes natural look and especially for those who, like us, believe that we can’t put on the skin something that we wouldn’t eat.

Anti-Cellulite Home Ritual - Let's design it together! 2nd April

Understand best strategies to fight cellulite and design your own anti-cellulite daily home ritual tailored to your objectives and needs.
ANTI-CELLULITE RITUAL TECHNICS EXPLAINED - Skin Brushing. Learn why and how to do the dry-skin brushing. - Scrubbing. Which agents are best to help with drawing out excess moisture from the skin, giving your skin a firmer and smoother appearance? - Aromatherapy Bath. Learn which essential oils and plants in a bath are best known remedies used in fighting and preventing the cellulite. - Cold Shower Drainage. - Poultices. Which plants work best and how to make the poultice? - Aromatherapy Massage oils. Learn which natural substances, essential oils and plants (to be used topically) are best known remedies used in fighting and preventing the cellulite.

Prepare for Colds & Flu (rhumes et grippes) DIY Ateliers / Workshops

Anti-viral and anti-bacterial plants and essential oils in skincare
Learn how to create your own - Barrier Balm / Baume protector - PROTECTOR INHALER - Antiviral Synergy blends for Diffuser - Aromatic chest balm