Your FREE Guide to Healthy Skincare

Can your cosmetic product can make you seriously ill? 



The piece of information shared in this Guide saved my LIFE, so I made it my mission to spread it as much as I can.


I made it concise with references that you can drill into later, knowing how busy you are, just like I used to be…


So busy that I compromised seriously my health very early when I was in my thirties.


The health challenges I started experiencing as a result of busy corporate life, too much stress, poor nutrition and frequent traveling, set me up on a path to look for healing alternatives.


A long healing path opened up a whole new world to me and inevitably led me to discovering dirty little secrets of cosmetic industry.


Back then, I did not understand that on our journey called life, health is our most important, constant and never-ending responsibility.


The SINGLE most important responsibility we have as conscious human beings is to stay HEALTHY.


It is NOT finishing school, it is not finding a soulmate, not having a child or making money…


None of those matter if you are not healthy. 


I am sure you kinda know it, otherwise you wouldn’t be here today reading this.


But “kinda”, is not enough...


We have put together for you a FREE Guide to healthy, cancer-free skincare.


This Guide reveals many worrying secrets of the traditional cosmetic industry that led us to create the ONLY ONE healthy approach you can have in cosmetics, summarized in our motto:  




Some of the topics covered: 


Why you should not put on your skin anything you wouldn’t eat? 


Can your cosmetics can make you ill? 


The list of cancerogenic chemicals allowed in skincare and how to easily recognize them. 


The truth about “Natural” surfactants allowed in Organic Certified products.


Why water is dangerous ingredient in skincare products? 


What is hiding behind perfume (fragrance)? 


100% NATURAL, 100% Organic: sneaky marketing tricks that hooked you into thinking you are buying healthy products.


How to easily spot Dangerous ingredients hiding in your skin care products in less than 10 seconds.


Completely safe alternative does exist! The basics of healthy skincare and the benefits of real 100% natural ingredients explained.


3 EASY Steps to a Healthy Skincare Routine.


Inexpensive anti-aging resources found in almost every kitchen… and much more.  


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