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Amazing oil after excellent advice!
I contacted Suzanna and asked her advice about my skin. This is the first time so far that someone had asked me so many questions about my skin, my lifestyle,... My skin is sensitive, but also mixed and I suffered from bumps and pimples, redness and irritations. She asked me to send her pictures. In the evening she sent me a long email with all the information and tips I could do. She told me to use this sesame oil. Suzanna based herself on Ayurvedic medicine. I'm apparently Vata. I didn't know what she was talking about at all. I did the test and I was indeed Vata. I use this oil and first i thought " this gone be greasy" but no totally not. After the first use of the ritual i had to do, the day after my pimples, redness and irritations are gone. What a miracle. Suzanna is so helpful and so good in her job! This oil hydrates the skin and nourishes the skin. Thank You so much Suzanna!
Emilie | 20/02/2022 14:16
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